Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Review. Alberto, You’re Forgiven

marc jacobs eau so fresh

Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh For Women

Eau my god this is such a cheer-up perfume! It was created in 2011 by Alberto Morillas (whom – thanks to this – I officially forgive for creating that unpleasant concoction called 212 Sexy for women) as a gentler variation of the official Daisy from 2007 (here is the comparison between the two).


The opening is fruity, a little bubble-gummy, but soft, not sour, and not overly sweet. I normally associate that to the unobtrusive taste of pears (the juicy soft yellow ones, not the slim and hard ones), but for others it could be melon, some types of apples, or even banana. In other words, green notes.


The fruits are more prominent from the start, and that won’t change as time passes. There are also like-minded florals, which remain mostly vague and too weak, or too well blended. In the end there won’t be many changes: the melon / pear / banana is still well present, whereas more intense – yet still undefined – whereas florals will brighten up the air even more, except in the very end, when musk will make it slightly warmer.


And this is Daisy Eau So Fresh Marc Jacobs perfume, ladies and gentlemen: a simple, easy fresh perfume, that will lift you up and make you feel younger on those days when you feel an old bag.  Gotta love this perfume, even more than the original Daisy.