Marc Jacobs Bang Bang Perfume: Spicy Cold

This new edition of Marc Jacobs Bang adds an extra bang and does what it says on the tin. It starts with a good dose of citrus notes and a layer of metallic paint on it, similar to Azzaro Chrome if you will, although this one is more citrusy and less laundry clean.


The metallic thing is actually cardamom, or something of that sort (it’s a tad sweet as well), it becomes more evident when the lemon notes leave, and then Bang Bang by Marc Jacobs becomes greener, with herbal notes that give a feeling of mint.  And as it continues, it becomes more and more similar to Declaration by Cartier: cold and spicy. Similar in attitude I mean, not in quality, that’s a different story.


Short perfume review this time, this Marc Jacobs Perfume is clean, clean, clean. It will be a great boost in the morning, don’t expect too much for a night out though.



Marc Jacobs Bang Review

Marc Jacobs Bang Review



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