Mahogany by Etro Review: If You Really Have To Know…

Mahogany by Etro Review

Mahogany by Etro Review

This is an ultra-niche perfume and it’s maybe discontinued, as there’s no mentioned in the Italian fashion house. But hey, it’s part of a conspicuous set of sample that I ordered  a while ago to practice different olfactive families and perfume (just like food) should  not be wasted.


Mahogany in particular has vetiver as main note, which is a grass but, when used in perfumery, it becomes part of the woods family thanks to its.. well.. woodsy smell. So, if you really want to know, here is how it goes.


Mahogany opens with a vague smell of incense and camphor. It then adds a suggestion of florals, which almost ruined the whole thing, as it gave out a sour side, which suits the rest of the notes like lemon would suit warm milk. 


When the florals finally lower their intensity, the perfume stretches, becomes warmer and improve a lot. That’s also when vetiver comes out, with a sprinkle of soil It’s an almost rugged wood, all in all very quiet, with hints of aromatic notes and also slightly powdery with florals, which push the fragrance towards the unisex side.


Mahogany is a quite suffused fragrance. With a name like that, I would have expected nothing less than a complex, monolithic, bulky piece of furniture, but it I got a small wooden box instead.