Madly Kenzo Edp: Good Girl With A Twist

Kenzo Madly For Women Review

Kenzo Madly For Women Review

The packaging of Madly by Kenzo, and the opening notes might lead you to believe this is a spring fragrance. But it’s not. Although it starts like that, it travels fast towards winter. A little bit like Magical Moon by Hanae Mori, although the latter covers a longer distance.


The opening of Madly perfume for women is floral with a hint of fruits. The bouquet is delicate, with only a few gluey hints here and there (a little bit like in the YSL Manifesto Review). Soon pepper notes are added to it. Pepper is a cool spice, it adds warmth without scratching too much.


The florals still feel bright and yellow, even slightly sour at times, and fights against the timid and warm peppery notes. The latter eventually win, without erasing the freshness completely, and from this moment onward, Madly Kenzo will remain on the warm side, but will also lower its intensity. Gradually the pepper  base moves towards incense and the fragrance becomes a full-blown floriental. And, as it often happens incense opens the door to vanilla in the end.


Non-aggressive at the starts, non-aggressive in the end, Madly is for good girls with a twist.