Luna Rossa By Prada: A Good Quality Bait

Luna Rossa Prada Fragrance Review

Luna Rossa Prada Fragrance Review

My expectations for this brand new Luna Rossa Prada cologne were reasonably high, for being a Prada fragrance, and reasonably low for being a bait for sport fans (Scuderia Ferrari, anyone?).


It opens boozy and then it forms an delicate subdued accord of soft flowers and lavender, balsamic and aromatic notes, and citrus as well. And of course you’ll get spices, which scratch and tingle a little, and can be felt at a short distance. It sort of reminds of L’Eau d’Issey Homme Sport, but it’s a less powerful one, thanks to soothing lavender and florals, which can be felt pressing the nose against the skin.


In the heart notes, it goes really classic spicy fresh, and there is a light marine aroma as well, coming out after one hour or so. Nothing like Cool Water though: with the Davidoff perfume you’re swimming in water, whereas with Luna Rossa you’ll get at most a few splashes. After all, you wouldn’t want to ruin your perfect sailing outfit. And in the end, it will fade a way with warmer notes.


All in all, Luna Rossa Prada perfume was consistent with my expectations: it’s the formula you would expect from a perfume with that name, with the quality you would expect from Prada.


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to wear during the day

Fresh – warm temperature

Recommended age 20+

Price range: 101$-150$ for 3.3oz/100ml