Loverdose Diesel Review: Stuck In A Gap In The Front Teeth…

Diesel Loverdose reviews

Diesel Loverdose Perfume for women

The opening of this Diesel perfume for women is with liquorice, which soon mixes with jasmine. The two produce a peculiar smell, which is warm, aromatic, and slightly animalic. That is supposed to be sexy, I think, judging from the ad campaign, all based on seduction.  To me however, this is peculiar rather than sexy, interesting rather than feminine. Or, still feminine if you prefer, but not in the classic way.


The first part will be quite linear, and then vanilla and woods come in and mix with what is left of liquorice (a hefty dose, that is), which almost feels bitter and burnt at times. The finale is more properly oriental, and the liquorice seems to be finally at the right level of presence.


I have mixed feelings about this Diesel Loverdose fragrance. It feels like they wanted to make it different from the rest, but they didn’t have the balls to go all the way and remained stuck in the middle with something that is too peculiar for those who like more classic, girly stuff, and not particular enough for those who want to smell different from the rest. That’s why it didn’t exactly scream sexy in my head. I think Guerlain’s La Petite Robe Noir exploited liquorice’s sexy potential way better.


But you still can wear Loverdose, of course, especially if you’re NOT looking for a seductive fragrance. And if you end up feeling sexy as well, it will be like finding a tenner in your pocket. All it takes is to forget about Diesel’s ad campaign, about molecule A (“known to stimulate endless addiction to love,” yeah right), and about the girl with the gap in her front teeth. Not a great effort overall.