Lovestruck By Vera Wang: Rose Me, Rose Me Not

Vera Wang Lovestruck Perfume Review

Vera Wang Lovestruck Perfume Review

This is Vera Wang’s new fragrance Lovestruck (launched in 2011) and I feel rose in it. It’s rose with a coolant on top, with a texture that reminded me very much of Lola by Marc Jacobs. The thing is: there’s no rose in here, no rose in the notes, and no rose in any of the reviews I found.


So here I am, in one of those situations where I’m torn between humble (Rose? Really? Man, I suck at describing perfumes) or cocky (I suck? You suck! There’s clearly rose in here, and I’m the only one with the balls to say it!). So my hope is that everyone is right, and that what I smell is actually the product of the main official notes of tuberose and lotus with the guava fruit.


The fruity side is however present from the start in some way. Compared to Lola, it has something extra, a sort of ripeness that makes it more interesting. The fruity side comes out more fleshy after about half an hour, when the rose texture steps back, leaving the florals with a more generic but also delicate and pleasant tone.


The recession of the more aggressive side of florals happens at the same time when the whole intensity of the perfume goes down, and even if it will stay on the skin for more hours, the level will be quite low throughout.  This fading phase is irreversible, but before it grows too faint to feel anything distinct, you might still catch an orangey tone among the florals, maybe coming from guava, which has a citrus scent.


The finale is classic, warmer with musk and light vanilla notes. Fruits play a secondary role, but Lovestruck Vera Wang Fragrance should still go in the fruity-floral category.

Lovestruck came out five years after the uber-popular Princess, here is a comparison of the two.