L’Eau De Chloe Review: Sexy Greenness

Eau De Chloe 2012 Review

Eau De Chloe 2012 for women

Imagine L’Eau as a pool of green water. The green is very diluted so it’s pale (the actual color of the liquid is spot-on) and the pool, with mostly water at first, gets gradually populated by different notes coming to surface:  sparkling and sharp bergamot at first, and then a floral note, which is quite damp and surrounded by thick green leaves.


It’s mainly an accord of rose and jasmine, where what stands out is the dense floralcy of the first and the soapiness of the latter. Light sweet notes also show up, getting more prominent as L’Eau moves towards the dry down.


There is a chance you will find the opening of L’Eau de Chloe too fresh and bright. If that’s the case, don’t dismiss it straightaway. Give time to the heart notes: the upbeat and delicate nature of the beginning won’t change, but the perfume will become more feminine and sexy.


Because green can be sexy, especially when it’s so constantly present and coupled with subtle sweet notes. This sexiness however, will only be detected from a very short distance. For all the other occasions, the trail left behind by Chloe Eau De Chloe will just be appropriate.