L’Artisan Parfumeur Patchouli Patch: Black Magic Patchouli

Patchouli Patch Eau de toilette is weird stuff. It starts with a nasty mix of anise and caraway seeds, and the result is herbaceous, aromatic and bitter. When patchouli enters, a couple of minutes behind, what you’ll have under your nose is a an obscure magic herbal infusion, one that would probably cure love pains and resentment.


As this Harry Potterish spell vanishes, Patchouli Patch By L’artisan Parfumeur becomes more friendly on the nose, leaving a linear patchouli without particular surprises and becoming becomes simple and pretty wearable. The first however, is quite shocking so it’s ok if you don’t like it. You’re not weird, the perfume is.


Patchouli Patch By L'artisan Parfumeur Review

Patchouli Patch By L’artisan Parfumeur Review