Lanvin Oxygene Homme EdT: Under Shy Pinetrees

Lanvin Oxygene Homme Review

Lanvin Oxygene Homme Eau de Toilette

I just bought this one on Ebay, it was an impulse buy. See, I had this in a sample, and what I felt from the opening was the usual clean-laundry smell of many fresh-aromatic perfumes for men. Only that this time, it was probably the purest I ever felt. Just that: no frills, no additions like water in Cool Water, or metal in Azzaro Chrome.


After noting down these few (not so great) initial impressions, I checked a couple of reviews, expecting to find trashing comments about how it smelt like many others and whatnot, but it was quite the opposite: Oxygen By Lanvin was praised by most for being very peculiar. Was it because Antonio Morillas made it? Or because Lanvin has a good reputation among perfume wearers? Or was it just me, incapable to feel the uniqueness of it all? Anyway, I grabbed a 100ml bottle of Lanvin Oxygene for men, hoping that spraying it, instead of dabbing it, would make more notes come out.


And that’s exactly what happened. Impulse buys should be left to chocolate bars or books, not perfumes, but Oxygene will be a very good successor to my empty bottle of Dior Homme Sport, the (almost empty) one of Kenzo Pour Homme, and the (I hope soon empty) one of Allure Homme Sport Cologne. Something good to help me get through the shittiest Irish summer (weather-wise) of the last years.


After the alcoholic start, the clean-sheet notes come out, but they’re just one side of the story, a counterpoint for a green heart that was pretty much missing the first time. The green is not harsh, nor does it feel like freshly-cut grass: it comes from trees (cypress, juniper and fir is the trio here). The greenness is gentle but detectable, with a constant balsamic quality in the background, and it blends well with the clean notes. The overall result is subdued, even pale if you will, but in a gentle, rather than weak way.


Oxygene Lanvin Pour Homme feels like being in a pinewood in a not too sultry day, although you will need a fair amount of heat to make the best out of it. It makes me think of the harsh greenness of Dior Homme Sport, as an example of how the attribute of “green” can take different shapes.


Not too bad for a 15-euro 100ml bottle, not too bat at all.