Lalique De Lalique Review: Freakin’ Good I Tell Ya

Lalique By Lalique Fragrance

Lalique By Lalique Fragrance For women

Three movements for this Lalique perfume. First: a fruity and a floral side, both sour (thanks to red and blackcurrant, and ylang-ylang respectively). Second: the two types of sourness blend and gradually disappear, leaving softer and peachy tones of fruits. At the same time, the bouquet expands. Third and final move: the fruitiness and the floralcy completely get together in one thing only.


Cool thing indeed, this Lalique Eau De Parfum. Is it mainly fruity or floral? The latter, probably. You could say that fruity notes are somehow absorbed by the florals, but the result – a slightly sweet, delicate, clean, feminine, almost-but-not-quite powdery smell – is such, that it couldn’t have been achieved without the help of fruits.


After about one hour, the balance between dense and soft florals (dense – in my own vocabulary – are those that fill the nostrils, and soft, are… well… all the others) is just perfect. At least for a good chunk of its heart notes this parfum Lalique smells like no other fragrance for women I have reviewed so far.  This is an upbeat perfume with just a small amount of coquetry, and suitable for pretty much any age.


The original was created by Sophia Grojsman (Eternity for women) in 1993, however that was discontinued, and this one is a reformulation from 2001.