Lacoste Essential Sport Review: Who’s Afraid Of Citronellol?

Lacoste Essential Sport For Men Review

Lacoste Essential Sport Cologne For Men

Summer is almost starting (but don’t get me started on the Irish one) and one of my summer fragrances is almost gone, so it’s now or never for this Lacoste Essential Sport review. I really liked it, but who knows what summer fragrances I may wear next year. Besides, I’ve finally realised what I always suspected: my skin absorbs it like a sponge, no matter how much I spray on it (is it because I eat a lot of chicken?).


Anyway: this is a pleasant and fresh one, indeed the sport version of a fragrance – the original Lacoste perfume Essential – which was already fresh. The opening is with a very fragrant bergamot and grapefruit (that my skin gives out very clearly), on a base of marine notes.


This will last for about 15 minutes, then the citrus will go down, but won’t disappear completely, and the perfume will smell sharp (you will feel it in the nose), aromatic, and slightly bitter as a counterpart to the citrus and marine side. If your skin is different from mine, you will get a slightly warm dry-down in the end, with soft woods and spices.


If you’re not afraid of analogies, Lacoste Essential Sport cologne will remind of those insect repellents with citronel. But stay with me: it only reminds of that. The fragrance actually contains citroneloll and geraniol – used to send mosquitoes away – but they’re there in very low quantities and intensity matters in these things.


So don’t be afraid of citronellol and give it a try if you’re after a fresh fragrance. And in any case, being less annoyed by insects during a hot summer night won’t do any harm, right?