Jean Paul Gaultier Kokorico For Men: Patchouli! At The Disco

When I first sampled Kokorico for men by Jean Paul Gautier, a couple of months back, it smelled of old to me. By that, I mean the stale, musty smell you would find in old houses (my grandparents’ pleace comes to mind), especially in wardrobes or dressers. Now, with a just slightly more refined nose, it’s clear that the correct word for this Jean Paul Gaultier perfume is not “old,” but “sexy.” It plays in the same I’m-sexy-and-you-should-know-it arena as One Million by Paco Rabanne, but with different (not necessarily subtler) weapons.


It’s a smoked, deep, dark patchouli, spiced up by an aromatic chocolate twist. There’s supposed to be fig as well, but it blends with the fleshy side of patchouli rather than standing out on its own. As Kokorico evolves, it will play easier on you. It won’t be fresh, but not aggressive either, walking the line of sweetness, which is so gladly crossed by One Million. And while the rest of the notes subside, a warm – and only slightly sweet  – cocoa will remain in the foreground mixing with woods.


Patchouli is normally quite neutral gender-wise, it depends on how it’s declined, and in this case it’s definitely masculine. However, it’s usually not an easy note to pull off, and this is no exception, so it’s OK if you don’t like it. But if you think you two can get along, then Kokorico for men can be a pheromone powerhouse.



Kokorico Perfume For Men by Jean Paul Gaultier

Kokorico Perfume Review