Kim Kardashian Perfume True Reflection Review: Peach With A Brown Side

Kim Kardashian True Reflection starts citrusy but already with restless sweet notes in the background. Soon, it becomes darker and rougher – although in a controlled way – and the sweetness comes out as fruity and peachy.


It might seem that the darker side comes from spices (well, it seemed to me anyway), but I read it’s actually patchouli. The confusion is forgivable, I think, as the whole result is very earthy, at times even slightly smoked and with a coffee – chocolate quality. When I say dark I don’t mean nocturnal though: peach stays there almost until the end, and the result is a warm fruity fragrance, a little bit along the lines of Gucci by Gucci if you will, maybe a tad less sophisticated.


As time passes, florals come out more. I had the feeling that they had been there for longer, but the formula is so well blended, that they will hardly stand out on their own. Overall, it feels like the result could be sweeter, but it will remain controlled instead, also thanks to patchouli and the woodsy notes to come. As True Reflection perfume reaches the base notes, the woods are in charge of delivering the sweet and warm side, with the support of musk.


True Reflection Fragrance by Kim Kardashian is dark without being oriental, and not extremely dense. It reminded me of Lady Million by Paco Rabanne in that it’s similar to other stuff on the market, yet perfectly crafted, not mind-blowing, but perfectly balanced. The only flaw I would find is a short longevity. Suitable from 30 years of age on.


Kim Kardashian True Reflection Fragrance Review

Kim Kardashian True Reflection Fragrance Review