Kenzo Homme Review: You Won’t Take A Shower For Days

Kenzo Perfume for Men

Kenzo Homme perfume for men

Except that you should.


If  there are just so many ways in which a fresh fragrance for men can smell different. then Kenzo pour homme it’s still the ultimate one.


The cool thing about it is that, although there is no passage from top to medium notes, and it is fairly static in its development, there is so much stuff in it that it can become a guess game until you get bored: here’s what I picked: salty water, pine, citrus, kitchen herbs (sage, I think) and lavender. Oh, and there are woods as well: the aquatic notes disguise them well, but there’s a log floating in the water soaked and humid.


Kenzo for Men dries down relatively quickly so re-spraying it is an option (but maybe my skin, normally a sponge for fresh fragrances, is not the best of references), especially when the pine – which gives the stinging aroma – starts to fade.


Kenzo Pour Homme has been on the market since 1991 (created by Christian Mathieu) and is one of the cleanest-smelling perfumes I have met so far, with the aromatic notes hardly making it any warmer.

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