Justin Bieber Some Day Perfume Review: The Perfect Storm

Justin Bieber is an 18-year old, angel-faced pop star, insanely popular among female teenagers. So, seriously: what’s not to hate there? Logically enough then, when Someday perfume came out, at the beginning of 2012, it stirred the hate of many perfume lovers, with some of them even feeling the need to specify that they were not Bieber’s fans.


Justin Bieber’s perfume Someday starts fresh and citrusy, soon becoming sweet and fruity. The type of sweetness is what gives away the fact that it’s a fragrance for teenager, but its level is all in all quite controlled, although sometimes it’s on the verge of being aggressive, and some may find it way too sweet.


The interesting side however, at least for the first hour, is that it’s very warm, and has a velvety and tropical quality. Unfortunately it won’t keep that for long, but will remain fruity, sweet, and with vague floral notes in the background, until the dry down where vanilla and musk notes are there waiting for you. 


Compared to other celebrity perfumes with the same target age, perfume Justin Bieber Some Day stands the comparison with no problem. Although I wouldn’t get too hung-up on the age, if you’re looking at this for a young girl, or if you are one, absolutely go for it. The only thing that may make it suitable or not, depending on the personality, is not the sweetness (normally, the younger the age, the sweeter the perfume) but the warmth, which may feel too mature on some. 


On one point I have to agree with the crap-throwers though: the bottle drew way too much inspiration from Marc Jacob’s Lola.


Perfume Justin Bieber Someday Review

Perfume Justin Bieber Someday Review