Juicy Couture Review: Hardcore Floral

New Juicy Couture perfume

New Juicy Couture perfume for women

This was the first fragrance of the Juicy Couture fashion house, launched in 2006 and created by Harry Fremont (CK One, Miracle by Lancome, Romance by Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang Princess).


Juicy Couture opens with a citrus and fruits frenzy, which feels as if the perfumer wanted to display as many notes as possible in the shortest time: I caught watermelon and pineapple, but seriously, they passed in front of me so quickly that I could barely feel them. When it dries down a little, a powerful floral bouquet comes out (the notes list has lily, tuberose and rose). It all smells quite natural to me (here’s however a review by Katie Pukrik, with the exactly opposite opinion: chemical).


And floral is what this Juicy Couture Perfume is, floral to the core: dense, intense, slightly heady, wrapping the nostrils like a velvet blanket and, as time passes, becoming even bolder and more ballsy. It’s a quite monolithic floral heart, yet quite deep and worth smelling over and over. If you want to wear it in the office though, please be careful as white florals can be hard on the nose in the morning.


At some point – after 3-4 hours – the density of the florals start to lower, and although they don’t change their smell, they leave room to an almost peppery edge which, whatever it is, must come from the same florals. The finale of this perfume Juicy won’t have the sweetness that the official patchouli, vanilla and caramel are supposed to bring. On the contrary, it feels almost fresh. Whatever is there, it almost gives out an anise aroma.


Not sure if this is “a perfume that Barbie could wear,” maybe when she’s closer to her thirties, which is, never.