Jo Malone Amber And Lavender Review: For The Love Of Clove

Jo Malone Amber And Lavender Cologne Review

Jo Malone Amber And Lavender Cologne For Men

This Joe Malone perfume is more than it says on the bottle, and the extra bit is a fragrant clove, which took what would have otherwise been a very sophisticated shaving foam (lavender and amber are of unquestionable quality here, but they’re still amber and lavender…) and turned it it into a great¬† fragrance.


This perfume Jo Malone is transparent, light, bright and strong: it won’t hide its parts, on the contrary, it will make simplicity its strength. And of course simple doesn’t mean easy.


The only thing about this Jomalone fragrance is that, it being a cologne, it won’t have an amazing duration, but the clove is so darn good that it’s highly forgivable. Spraying a little on your clothes however will do the trick, and even when clove is gone, you will still feel the good amber going on.