Jimmy Choo For Women: Lifesize Peachy

Ever smelt a peach glazed with glue? That’s what the first 30 seconds of this perfume Jimmy Choo feel like. And peach, or something quite similar to it, will be the signature note until the dry down. It’s fresh, with some of the crispness of pear, and although it tends to be tyrannical almost to the point of boring, it’s all the stuff happening around it that deserves to be told.


This Jimmy Choo parfum is – of course – sweet, but its sweetness is wrapped in a thin plastic film, which restrains it and at the same time polishes it with a layer of neon light. And if I could touch this peach, I would swear it’s even slightly sticky.


The fairly thick glazed peach curtain will make Jimmy Choo EdP change very slowly and not that much after all, but after about two hours – it takes a little bit of nose effort – sweetness becomes creamier and patchouli splatters some light mud on it. It’s only after a couple of more hours, that peach subsides and sets the florals free. That’s the beginning of the dry down, which keeps the dirty patchouli and adds vanilla-sweet notes, but it’s all nice and soft.


This fragrance was a lot of fun to sample, I was expecting buckets of insulin-triggering syrup but it was smarter than that. It’s fun, young enough, and all in all quite balanced, if I had to choose between, say – and I’m picking randomly here – this one, Flowerbomb and 212 Sexy, Jimmy Choo parfume would be the winner, Flowerbomb would come second, and don’t even get me started on 212.



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