Jennifer Aniston Perfume Review: Darlin’ You Give Celebuscents A Bad Name

This is the debut Jennifer Aniston fragrance with her own name, and it starts not too bad. It’s quite floral with jasmine, with a sharp intensity, and a sour and chemical aroma, which is somewhat muffled. All in all, an interesting balance between delicate and dense. “Gentle with attitude” was what I had thought as a tag line for the title, and then…


… and then it just fell apart. From smelling like many others, but at least not bad, to smelling like cheap air freshener, with all respect to cheap air fresheners. There is an attempt to put musk in there at some point I think, or to make it warmer anyway, but it’s all useless.

This reminds me of what Luca Turin said in an interview about some perfumes where all the little money available for the formula is spent on the first ten minutes, just enough time to convince a potential buyer, and then they break down. So there you go: after my zealous defence of Justin Bieber’s Some Day, finally a celebrity perfume that really sucks.


 “Rachel, Rachel, sweetheart” this is a…



Perfume Jennifer Aniston

Perfume Jennifer Aniston Review