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007 perfume review

James Bond 007 Perfume Review

Perfume used by James Bond? Hmmm, I don’t think so. After a short fruity start, the only thing that keeps this from being a total wishy-washy, same old fresh spicy is that the spices push a little harder at times.


For brief moments, they even give out a smell of burnt, which is what happens when they change gear. And then… well expect the expectable from a perfume in its category (you may want to check out this Calvin Klein Encounter review for something more particular).


On second thought, this James Bond Cologne could well be the perfume 007 wears when he’s in an undercover mission and wants to blend in with the rest of humans. But we know this is not how he normally operates, and that’s why, instead if James Bond 007, it should really be called Clark Kent: even if you have superpowers, the perfume will do its job in not giving you away.