Idole D’armani Eau De Toilette Review: It Was Good But I Have To Go

Perfume Idole D'Armani Review

Perfume Idole D’Armani for women

I had to sample Idole D’armani Perfume three times before being able to write something about it. And since each time was different, here you have three reviews in one.


The first time I kept on tossing and turning my wrist under my nose, wondering if I was missing something. Yes, it was yet another fruity floral, with a very common pattern, but also very remarkable. The florals were delicate and feminine, but with some rough edges here and there, the sweetness was low and unobtrusive, but detectable, and the fruits were red and tender, but wouldn’t turn into bubble-gum.


From a perfume of this type, you really couldn’t ask for more, and to me it served as a demonstration that in order to be different you don’t have to do different things, you can do the same old, just better.


In the second one, citrus was more prominent, but so was a dirty and vinyl muskiness, totally absent from the first time. The result was deepest and richer than the first try, but not so perfect. The first time was gentle, this one was aggressive and arrogant. Although its roughness would blend very well with the fruits and the florals in the heart notes, the second sampling marked the end of innocence.


After that, I decided to sample Armani Idole perfume a third time just to decide if one of the first two, or a mix of both, should go in the review, but I was welcomed with a wonderfully weird smell, totally new to me. I read that the opening is with orange and ginger, and it makes sense, as there was a citrus fruity thing with a tingling quality. Yet, it was much more than that, definitely something with the WTF factor. And then, it lost it. In the heart notes it started to offer a pale fruity-floral, topped with a certain roughness. The magic was gone and there was no replacing it.


So there you have my three takes on Idole d’Armani Eau de Toilette for women. What’s more remarkable, is that all that came out of the very same bottle, in the space of less than a week.  I’m pretty sure that I would get the same three-fold impression from many other perfumes, but alas, there’s too much stuff around, and I have to keep on smelling…