Lancome Hypnose Review: Enveloping Calmness

Hypnose Perfume For Women Review

Hypnose Perfume For Women

Once in a perfume shop, the golden rule for real prospect buyers and fake ones alike (like perfume bloggers and other types of time-wasters) is: stay away from sales assistants. Not only because they are likely to know about perfumes less than you, or because they are very stingy when you ask them to spray some, or because they look at you like a weirdo if you are a guy and ask them for a spritz of a feminine frag on your wrist.


Sure, it’s all that as well, but the thing I find most annoying is that the idea of asking you what you’re looking for won’t even cross their minds, and whether you’re after a perfume for yourself, your grandma or a teenager, they’ll always try to push the latest release, no matter what.


So trust your nose, search the internet first, and once you’re in the shop, look down and avoid eye contact. Also, start practicing the phrase “no thanks, I’m just taking a look” like a mantra, because that’s what you’ll have to use in the unfortunate event of being asked “how can I help?”

 laughed at SA



Why all the above? To explain why, after more than 100 reviews there this is the first one for a Lancome fragrance: as it happens, in the perfume department at Debenhams where I do my frequent joyrides, Lancome perfumes have a separate stand with a sales assistant permanently there. Except for the other day, when there was nobody.


Hypnose starts floral (passion fruit flower, whose name – as I just found out, comes from the Passion of Christ and has nothing to do with more mundane feelings) and citrus slash herbaceous, with a warm sprinkle of chocolate on top. It’s supposed to be vanilla actually, but it will lean more towards chocolate until the end. It’s an interesting mix, as it’s warm and fresh, fruity and oriental, all at the same time. However, it gets even more interesting when the green citrus side leaves, and the perfume becomes an affair for the floral and the vanilla/chocolate.  That accord won’t change until the end, but it will gradually grow warmer, creamier, denser and tighter.


Hypnose Perfume For Women is, in a way, hypnotic, but not like Opium. It won’t make you high with incense and spices, but will rather keep you there with an enveloping calmness instead. And it’s actually quite sexy.