Hugo Boss Orange Man Review: Indolent Of Spices

Would you expect to smell something called Orange Hugo Boss and find orange in it? Of course not, c’mon it’s like smelling a perfume coming from a green apple-shaped bottle and expect to find green apple in there.


OK I’m hyperbolizing (yes, it’s a word) a little: of course there is orange in here, as well as there is green apple in DKNY Be Delicious, just don’t expect a shower of squeezed orange and juicy bits on you. It’s all disguised, and mixed with sweet vanilla notes and other stuff.


In the opening, there is a mix of undefined fruity notes, with a certain unpleasant (read: interesting) sstinky smell here and there. Everything is mixed with sweet notes, which come most likely from vanilla, but where orange takes away all its orientality (not a word) to make it a generic sweet, with a light powdery halo around.  After a while, it gets a bit aromatic and spicy, but it’s all soft.


And this is, I think, the problem with Orange Hugo Boss: it’s low-profile, introverted, almost subdued. There is a hard shell of orange, vanilla, aromatic, spicy notes, but nothing will come out of there individually, everything is kept in the house. The finale is on the same line, just warmer and more opaque, with orange giving light flicks here and there and a darker vanilla. But it’s almost sad.


Don’t get me wrong, Boss Orange fragrance for men is a very pleasant perfume, gentle and warm, perfectly done, and I definitely recommend it, if nothing else because there is not one single occasion where it wouldn’t fit. But its personality reminds me of a friend of mine, who gave up on everything before even trying. He’s a great guy, but he pisses me off sometimes.



Hugo Boss Orange Perfume Review

Hugo Boss Orange Perfume Review