Hugo Boss Hugo Just Different: Is Different The New Same?

Unless they meant it with reference to the original Hugo from 1995, Just Different is only Slighty Different from many other woody aromatic masculine around.


The only moment where the name is fully deserved is in the opening notes, with a super-interesting aroma, that is vegetable green and damp in an almost unpleasant way, like of laundry that was left in the washing machine for too long before being hung to dry.


As it settles down however, it will gradually lose all that quirkiness. In the middle phase it will still keep some of the green dampness of the beginning, with also a spicy and fresh non-citrus side. Nothing outrageous though. As it moves into the heart notes, a discreet and not too aggressive spicy side (coriander) will become more prominent, mixing with woods.


Hugo Boss Just Different Eau De Toilette is very masculine if you will, and sure quite versatile (office and night-outs would be equally fine), but it goes from Just different to Just The Same, so they could have spared us the cocky name.


Just Different By Hugo Boss Review

Hugo Just Different Review