How To Choose A Perfume That Suits You

Find your Sense of Scent


This is a guest post by Saisha Potts from Cafe La Moda, the social space for fashion tips and makeup & beauty advice. She hopes this artilce will inspire you to find your perfect fragrance.


Scent is one of the most influential and important of our senses. Able to attract and seduce just as easy as to deter and repel, a certain smell can act as a very powerful and personal trigger for our emotions and desires. Perfect at enhancing confidence and seduction, perfume is a cosmetic staple that never goes out of fashion. Used by our forefathers for thousands of years to intrigue and please our most potent sensory organ, perfume is an element that we all love to indulge in and make our signature.


It’s the dedication and guarantee that we all seem to get from our favourite perfume that makes it so easy for us to stick to one scent for life, but like every cosmetic there is an evolution that develops with time and with hundreds of new fragrances being released every season we owe it to ourselves to go and try something new. With so many new scents on the market it can become daunting knowing where to start so I’m going to look at two of our most classic and best loved perfumes from over the years and find a selection of fresh and modern alternatives that could soon become our new personal favourites.


Chanel No.5 & J’Adore by Dior

Chanel No.5– Combining playfulness and classic glamour effortlessly, Chanel Numbver 5 perfume was Marilyn Monroe’s favourite scent and still remains the best-selling perfume in the world. Launched by Parisian design pioneer Coco Chanel in 1921, Chanel No.5 was the first perfume that combined fresh floral rose tones with a brooding and powerful sandalwood musk to create a fragrance that transcended from day to night and appealed to modern women from all walks of life.


J’adore– Despite being over 10 years since its release by Christian Dior, J’adore perfume for women is a scent that is absolutely still alive with a contemporary vibrancy and vigour. Considered by many to be a relatively new scent, J’adore has found new popularity in recent seasons with its divine mix of floral and spicy tones that fade in and out sensationally. Like Chanel No.5, J’adore Dior perfume is a crisp floral perfume that with its sultry kick is the ideal scent for professional and seductive females.


Other fragrances that contain similar tones to Chanel No.5 include Belle de Nuit by Fragonard & Attractionby Lancome.


Beautiful by Estee Lauder & STELLA

Beautiful– Created in 1982 after 4 years of intensive research by Estee Lauder herself, Beautiful perfume for women was formed through love by the beauty pioneer who wanted to create the prettiest, most feminine of fragrances. On its release, Lauder’s hard work was rewarded when Beautiful became a classic scent almost overnight. Packed full of oil from Bulgarian rose, carnation and myrrh, Estee Beautiful’s delicate floral bouquet provoked images of country gardens and became the ultimate scent of female elegance. Twenty years after its launch, Beautiful continues to take pride of place on dressing tables over the globe.


STELLAStella McCartney’s self-titled, awe-inducing perfume is well on its way to becoming a classic in its own right. Carrying on her body on exceptional design work, McCartney delivered with STELLA a youthful feminine fragrance that springs with fresh floral scents such as rose and peony yet offers a sophisticated and sensual edge that would suit, complement, and enhance women of all age and style. Its STELLA’s ability to make you feel feminine but with a bit of an edge that has made it so popular since its release.


Other fragrances that contain similar base notes to Beautiful include Pretty from Elizabeth Arden and Dolce & Gabanna’s Light Blue.


Whether you choose to stick with a noble established classic or experiment with the latest in fresh fun fragrances, perfume will always be the component of our cosmetic regime that makes us feel good, poised and ready to face the world. You can be dressed and preened to perfection but if you don’t have the right perfume on it can make you feel naked and ruin your confidence.


The most important thing when picking a perfume is to try many different scents to make sure that you find the one that’s right for you. It may be that we fall back to our old favourite with its undeniable ability to provoke nostalgia with one spritz, but I think that we really owe it to ourselves to try out other scents just to make sure that there is not something out there that suits us better. You never know, by exploring newer products you might find the perfect perfume that will project your personality and fragrance your future memories.