Honey Marc Jacobs For Women: Guess What? It’s Fruity Floral…

honey perfume marc jacobsHoney perfume for women is the latest arrival in the Marc Jacobs family. If, after Lola, Daisy, Daisy Eau So Fresh and Dot, you expected something other than a fruity floral, you were, oh, so wrong.


A fruity-floral fragrance for women is what it is, with pear and honeysuckle.


The good thing about that is, in spite of its name, they didn’t make the honey note obvious. Indeed, it’s very well blended and polished; rather than standing out, it keeps the fruity-floral notes together with an ultra-moderate sillage.


The base has very light vanilla notes but it fades away rather quickly. Other than that, it’s a forgettable fragrance, I mean, nice one  but really, really, really nothing new. 


 Comparing Marc Jacobs perfumes is like doing a Spot-the-difference puzzle, a sort of olfactive enigmistic game.

dot honey

But if you want to go with Marc Jacobs, you have better choices.

Like Daisy for example: it’s fresher, it pushes harder on intensity and it’s way less innocent than it seems.

Or Lola, with a synthetic rose and an introvert soul that tries really hard to be cheerful.

But if there is something they all have in common is that they are addictive, with Daisy being the more addictive of the three.