Hermes Un Jardin En Mediterranee Review: Depth And Simplicity

Hermes Jardin En Mediterranee Review

Hermes Jardin En Mediterranee Unisex

This is the third experience with a Hermes perfume from the Un Jardin series, after Sur Le Nil and Sur Le Toit. The first was almost unbearable (sorry, Jean-Claude), while the second was great. With Un Jardin En Mediterranee Perfume, I think I finally started to grasp a common thread in the series (Apres Le Mousson is the fourth and last one, we’ll see if this thing is confirmed), which I would call a powdery ripeness.


To simplify, the ripeness comes from the fruits: mango in Sur Le Nil, apples and pears in Sur Le Toit, and fig in this one. And the powdery is the mix of the rest of the orchard with that ripeness. After all, Ellena’s purpose was to bring a feeling of the whole garden in the series, and not just one part of it. If the explanation of the powdery side is not that clear, it’s just that I’m lacking better words at the moment. But if you have the chance to sample this perfume (or any of the other two), I hope you will agree with me at least with the ripeness side, whose level is what made the difference to my nose between my rejection of Sur Le Nil, and the pleasure I had with Sur Le Toit.


In En Mediterranee, fig leaf is the main theme. In the opening however, and for the first 15 minutes at least, you will get massive doses of pulp too. There is a definite gourmand style (the ripeness again), and although it’s not that aggressive, it’s still stuff you would eat. After the fig-in-your-face phase, the fragrance opens up more, thus leaving space to gentle floral, aquatic, citrus and green notes humming quietly and peacefully in the background.


And that’s pretty much what I got before it vanished. Un Jardin En Mediterranee by Hermes is a classy and delicate fragrance, so delicate that it disappeared quickly: three sprays on the back of my hand, one on top of the other, were pretty much gone after three hours. However, it has a type of depth and simplicity the really shows a hefty amount or inspiration and work behind it.