Clinique Happy Review: Life In Plastic, It’s Fantastic

clinique happy for women

clinique happy for women

What’s the secret formula for happiness in a perfume? Citrus notes of course, with other fruits on the side. The basket is full, pick what you want: mandarins, apples, lemons, and… plastic. Think of a smoothie of fresh citrus fruits wrapped in cling-film and you’ll have Perfume Clinique Happy.


But I don’t mean it bad. True, my first encounter with plastic in a perfume was disappointing (read: Gucci Rush), also, this synthetic layer in a perfume will always feel like you’re wearing a thin rubber suit even if you were naked, but in the case of this perfume it makes sense.


In the heart notes, Happy fragrance shifts from fruity to mainly floral with a fresh and delicate bouquet, which mixes with the rest of the fruits, especially orange. Plastic is still there and sticks to florals now, with also – thank goodness – a certain amount of creaminess, bringing some normality to the mix. The finale is slightly sweeter and warmer, although overall very soft in intensity. Happiness can be short-lived, but if you have the chance to re-apply it, then bring some of it in the purse and go ahead.


Sorry Gela Nash-Taylor, but this Happy Clinique Perfume is the one that Barbie could wear, not your Juicy Couture.