Guerlain Idylle Review: Keep Talking

Guerlain Idylle Perfume Review

Guerlain Idylle Perfume for women

This Parfum Guerlain is a quiet but determined character, a calm fragrance on the verge of being loud. It’s the quality of rose, I think: delicate, gentle, but always smouldering under the ashes.


It was created in 2009 by Thierry Wasser – Guerlain’s perfumer and official successor of Jean-Paul Guerlain as head of the house, when still a succedeer, one year before the founder had to step down before time because of his deep reflections about black people and their attitude towards work (followed a couple of weeks after, by a very placid complaint about Eurostar, those “immigrants” working for them, and what good ol’ France has become as a consequence).



 Jean-Paul Guerlain Accused of Racism


Back to the perfume, the start is indeed even quieter and softer, with a complex bouquet, where fruity and also citrus notes are allowed to fly around.  After about 15-20 minutes, the fortified soul of rose starts to come out, alternating with the fruits, in a gentle roller-coaster (those ones for kids though), going up – towards the fruits – and down towards the rose cellar.


Rose is there for you, if you want to focus on it, but then there are the rest of the florals, which change and complete it, creating something different – for those who want to feel it: lily-of-the-valley, lilac, peony, freesia and jasmine. No need to know the exact smell of all these though, the result is a semi-dense floral, which will linger in half of your nostrils, while making the other half breathe very freely.


And as Idylle Perfume By Guerlain grows mature and moves towards the end, musk starts to come up, very gradually, with patchouli giving a little warmth but no sweetness. This Guerlain Fragrance is very feminine, floral with no compromise and not excessively “old.” If it’s right for you, it will depend less on your age and more on your spirit: if you think strong emotions don’t need to be shouted to come out, then Idylle is the thing. For all the others there’s Angel.