Guerlain Apres L’ondee: Embrace Melancholy

Apres l’ondee Perfume by Guerlain is an iris-based floral, created by Jacques Guerlain himself in 1906. If you have the luck to sample it, don’t miss the opening, because that’s where earth breaks loose after the rain-shower, releasing all sorts of things, creating an incredible smell that is hard to describe: minty, plastic, warm, fresh, sweaty. At times it’s also indolic (fecal, that is), with the memory of a childhood in the countryside right there (cowshed smell, anyone?).


All that amazing stuff above (it’s still floral, mind you) translates into a type of clean smell. Yet, it’s something light-years far from the laundry detergent in many masculine perfumes: it’s the hardcore, concentrated cleanness of laundry soap bars, the smell of the laundry room in my parents’ house, which always comes with the sloshing noise of hand-washed clothes being rinsed.


After the fireworks of the opening, Apres L’ondee Parfum will reveal its personality: it speaks softly and it’s a vaguely melancholic, warm but detached at the same time. It will embrace you and keep you at a distance. Note-wise it won’t change much, keeping its almost uber-human richness. However, as it starts marching towards the end, it will speak softer, and softer, and softer… until it fades away…



Apres L'ondee Guerlain Review

Apres L’ondee Guerlain Review