Gucci Rush Review: Boring

Perfume Gucci Rush Review

Perfume Gucci Rush I for women

I’m usually way more diplomatic, both in this perfume blog and IRL, but in spite of the great popularity that Perfume Rush Gucci still enjoys, I couldn’t help asking: what’s there to like, really? It’s a faint sugar-sweet peachy floral, that is neither fish nor fowl, smelling synthetic all the way and in a bad way, and with sweet notes that are neither graceful nor attractive.


It was created in 1999 by Michel Almairac (Chloe EdP), but I think it came 20 years too late: the patina around the notes would have perfectly suited a a synth pop gig from the Eighties.






And yet, among the Gucci perfumes still on the market, Gucci Rush 1 is the second oldest after Envy, Luca Turin in Perfumes: The A-Z Guide, gives  it five stars, and Chandler Burr calls it an “ingenious piece of abstract art” in The Perfect Scent: A Year Inside the Perfume Industry in Paris and New York.


So what’s the story with that?  If it’s an abstract art masterpiece, it all makes sense then. It’s like being in a modern art museum, with this painting showing a white square with a diagonal black line, and although you read in the guide how and why this is a great work of art, you just shrug, and move on with a “whatever.” The Pyrrhic revenge of the layman.




Perfume Gucci Rush Review