Gucci Premiere Eau De Parfum: Empathylessly Perfect

Gucci Premiere is the new “essence” by Gucci, if you want to believe the ad. Calling it EdP or perfume would have been to crass I suppose.


It starts with citrus notes, but different sides soon join in, in the form of dense white florals and a creamy fruitiness. The subtle creaminess is the cipher of this Gucci fragrance for women. It keeps all the notes together, makes the fragrance classy and mature, and that’s probably where the golden yellow color of the bottle comes from.


The balance is overall very good, considering that odd sourness amidst the fruits and the florals. In the heart notes, the citrus evolves towards something warmer and zingier; it’s all quite vague, it could be woods or spices.


With that change, Gucci Premiere will flow compact and slightly powdery. It’s classy and mature but it will disappear quite quickly (longevity is poorish here). All in all, it can be seen as classier than Guilty and a less dark version of Gucci by Gucci, which is the one I actually prefer of the lot. This one is not bad at all, it’s very well executed, but it’s warm without empathy. It will wrap you and embrace you, but it’s too busy being perfect to share any feelings with you.