Flora By Gucci Gorgeous Gardenia: Where’s Gardenia?

Gorgeous Gardenia Eau De Toilette opens fresh and almost balsamic, with a ripe and pulpy pear, and a certain idea of florals already in the background. In the heart notes there’s a slow transition to a more marked floral, but… where’s the gardenia? I was expecting some buttery stuff (like in Velvet Gardenia by Tom Ford and Truth Or Dare by Madonna for example), but there’s none of that in Gorgeous Gardenia By Gucci.


This is the third fragrance from the Gucci Garden collection that I tried (after Glamorous Magnolia and Gracious Tuberose) and it’s starting to be clear that being light and bright is the common idea of the series. This one is also light and bright, but whereas in Gracious Tuberose the floral was successfully tamed, in Gorgeous Gardenia Gucci For Women the personality of the floral was stripped off in the process, and the result is a generic fruity-floral like many others out there. The fruity and the soapy notes sure are pleasant, but that’s pretty much it.


In the base notes, there’s supposed to be patchouli and brown sugar, but it feels warm rather than sweet, and the intensity is very low anyway. Meh, I don’t know what to say, it’s not too bad, but it’s certainly not the best one of the Garden Collection so far.


Gucci Gorgeous Gardenia Eau De Toilette Spra

Gucci Gorgeous Gardenia Eau De Toilette Spray