Givenchy Organza Perfume Review: Whitefloriental

Would you expect a quite and moderate perfume from Givenchy? Of course not. There’s a respectable blast of white florals at the start of perfume Organza, and then on the skin it gets quite indolic, with the power trio of jasmine, gardenia and tuberose. The blotter gives out more interesting tones (and that’s what I hope you will get on your skin): it will still be animalic, but minty as well, and somehow fresher, probably thanks to gardenia’s buttery notes.


(incidentally: where else, if not in a perfume review, can you actually say that butter notes are fresh, and actually make sense?)


And then, just when I almost dismissed it as a perfume from the past (it’s from 1996), one that faced the path of time less well than Beautiful, after 2-3 hours, Organza Eau De Parfum improves. That’s when the floriental side of the perfume showed itself to me, although many find it quite spicy from the start.


The white florals become less aggressive, and it’s less it’s-1996-what-do-you-expect. The dry down carries a light breeze of heavy florals, with a vestige of sweet fruity notes in the background and a light vague peppery spice.


This is not for young girls for sure. If you’re at least 40 you can start pulling it off. The sooner the spicy sweet part starts to come out, the better. But even if it’s only in the dry down, it may still be worth it a couple of hours of old-style white floral steam.


Givenchy Organza Perfume

Givenchy Organza Perfume