Givenchy Gentleman Cologne Could Be Your Granddaddy

This is a gentleman from the times when the very word was invented, which is like, well, a long time ago. It has a great opening, with sharp, almost minty herbal notes on top of the spices, and the dry down is the part I preferred, with a shaving foam aroma, and leather and tobacco still quite strong and inebriating.


And what about the middle heart notes of Givenchy Gentleman, you may ask. They’re super rich with different things: spices, honey, leather, woods. Although in my mind there was only one big word: OLD. 


Not only in the sense that it’s not a fragrance for teenagers, I mean the real smell of old stuff. It’s similar to the one I smelt in Kokorico by Jean Paul Gaultier the first time I sampled it, but deeper, the real thing: the old blanket in the attic, the wallpaper that’s been there for 50 years, the inside of the drawer in a moth-eaten bedroom chest. Man, in the base notes it’s like smoking a pipe, and I’m not sure if what I’m smoking is tobacco or the actual wood of the pipe.


Old is not another word for bad though, not at all.  This Givenchy perfume for men is an intense, powerful, elegant fragrance, with a 360º thick layer of paternal maturity.  After all, it’s still marketed for a reason, and I think it’s still wearable, although the situations would be restricted to the following:


a) You used to wear it in its days and you’re a nostalgic. That’s fine of course, although we may argue that carriages were pretty cool as well, but that doesn’t mean we should use them instead of cars

b) You are over 60, in that case this Gentleman cologne would be fairly appropriate. But, wouldn’t you like to smell less old?

c) You want to create a sort of phase displacement between you and your perfume by wearing something that has nothing to do with you.

d) Your woman is like the one who said in a review that she always asks her hubby to wear this because it “puts her in a good mood” (wink). In that case, masculine solidarity: you’d have my blessing even to wear a toilet cleaner.



Givenchy Gentleman Review

Givenchy Gentleman Review