Calvin Klein Forbidden Euphoria For Women: The Playful Sister

Forbidden Euphoria By Calvin Klein Review

Forbidden Euphoria By Calvin Klein Review

Here we go again with yet another fruity floral. There is a brief moment of vagueness in the opening of Forbidden Euphoria, but then this flanker will get a base of peach and red fruits, joined with warm flowers.


It will stay like that throughout and yet, there is a third element in CK Euphoria Forbidden for Women that feels green, fresh, aromatic, and damp. Not necessarily in the same order.


These facets flow and float, come and go, play hide-and-seek and change, but always in an elusive way. Indeed, Elusive Euphoria would have been such a cool name for this. The base notes have a light vanilla, which is not in the list, so it’s probably the rendition of patchouli.


CK Forbidden Euphoria EdP is the less sexy version of a super-sexy perfume like Euphoria CK (here is the full comparison between the two) , so expect something  tingling anyway.