Viktor And Rolf Flowerbomb Review (Or, Wafflebomb)

Perfume Flowerbomb

Perfume Flowerbomb For Women

“Everybody loves Flowerbomb,” said the sales assistant spraying it on test paper. Except that I hate Flowerbomb. But it’s not the perfume’s fault, rather the typical case of a particular memory associated to it. We all have at least one perfume like that, and if you still don’t, you will.


Flowerbomb Viktor Rolf has a tacky bottle and a cool name, which would be even cooler if this was actually an “explosion of flowers”, but it’s not. The bomb probably refers to what remains of them after it has exploded: flower? Bombed!


The opening is candy-sweet with fresh-ish citrus notes in the background, plus patchouli. Sounds familiar? However, this is no Angel perfume, there’s no rupture here, Flower bomb was not created to bring turmoil to the world. As Bois de Jasmin puts it, “it does not explode as the name would lead one to expect; it flows like spilled honey.”


For the first half an hour, the sugar-candy always ends up winning on points over the florals, and the fragrance rides the fine line that separates the “sweet enough” from the “way too sweet.”  However, if you ask me, as the middle notes evolve, the fragrance jumps over the line with both feet. Imagine an ice cream, and as a flavor, instead of fruits, a floral bouquet (jasmine, orchid, freesia, rose, patchouli). After one or two hours, Florwerbomb parfum is similar to what you taste when you start chewing the waffle cone, with still a few drops of ice cream here and there.


In the end however, the sweetness is less aggressive, and that’s the part I liked the most, or was my nose sweet-blind? Bias aside, not a bad fragrance at all, very feminine and – in its own way – delicate. I would see it suitable for (almost) any occasion.


What can really change the reception of this fragrance however, is the quantity of it you will spray. Don’t let the florals – which, after all, are still there – make you be trigger-happy. Sweetness can be intrusive, and if you wear it in closed spaces (say, an office) be considerate of those around you, especially those who (for whatever reason) hate it.