Florabotanica By Balenciaga: Deceivingly Delicate, Covertly Aggressive

Giving a name to smells is not a matter of having a developed sense of olfaction, but of memory. I already knew that, but it became even clearer with new Balenciaga’s Florabotanica Perfume: rose is there right off the bottle, but I had literally to see a picture of it to feel it. Why? Because I haven’t smelt a rose in a perfume for a long time.


In all fairness though, it’s not all rose there: a floral sourness is attached to it, and soapy notes are strewn across an indolic background. For the first 30-45 minutes Florabotanica Perfume is deceivingly delicate and covertly aggressive, then an interesting shift occurs when the floral side subsides and almost (almost) fruity notes start to appear.


Also, there is something warmer and muskier to it, or maybe I should stop writing reviews at Starbucks and get my nose confused by the smell of coffee. From now on, Florabotanica Perfume Balenciaga is gentler, in a Marc Jacobs kind of way and the dry down is wonderfully soapy (probably too soapy for someone).


I’ve seen this compared to Chloe Eau de Parfum, as a less fruity version, but it reminds me more of Lola especially in the middle side. Try it if you are past 25, it will be good for the day and for quite night-outs. Don’t wear it at the club though, in fact, don’t wear any floral perfume at the club, ever, please.


Florabotanica Perfume Review

Florabotanica Perfume Review