Jimmy Choo Flash Review: A Smooth Place To Lie Down

Reviews ofJimmy Choo Flash Perfume

Jimmy Choo Flash Perfume for women

After the flamboyant and opaque peach of the debut of the same name, Jimmy Choo comes back with a completely different thing. If you read the tag hanging from the bottleneck, you’ll know Flash is a floriental, which is assigned to those floral fragrances with a warm and oriental edge, often in the form of vanilla.


But you’ll have to wait until the end to get all that, because Jimmy Choo Flash Eau de Parfum opens at the other side of the hemisphere with an aquatic mix of citrus and floral notes. After this prelude, it becomes more decisively floral. There is a dense tuberose there, and jasmine, but with a constant delicate touch.


This white – floral stage won’t stay there for long. Warm notes start pushing and wrapping the fragrance all around, changing its character and leading it towards the oriental side. The change is slow but steady, and the vanilla in the base is delicate and unsweetened, probably because – as a few reviewers pointed out – it’s mixed with woods.


In the Jimmy Choo Flash commercial, the model is placed in a dark and harsh setting of neon lights, plastic and glass, with an idea of warm temperature, but sophisticated detachment.



That has very little to do with the perfume: sure the sophistication is there, but Flash is a slow and steady journey from a bright spring day to an oriental tea-place. It’s not extremely original but it sure is smooth and delicate, with no roughness.