Fendi Palazzo Review: Wear It Like An Overcoat

Fendi for Women Palazzo

Fendi for Women Palazzo

Fendi Palazzo will start in late autumn, end in winter, and won’t beat around the bush: it’s a classy, intense fragrance, thick and warm like an overcoat. It was created by Francois Demachy (Dior Homme and the rest of the family, and Miss Dior Cherie to name two) and launched in 2007, then discontinued in 2009 (here’s an article about it)


It starts quite sweet, full of caramel, then within 10 minutes, non-fresh notes of red orange also come out, making the oriental sweetness a bit more human and less intimidating. This is the autumn side, where you still get the chance of a bright day, and the red orange will ease you in this Palazzo Fendi for the first half an hour, blending with soft pepper and dense florals like jasmine and Bulgarian rose.


After that, the citrus steps aside and what you get is a compact oriental floral, with the heavy artillery of roses fending off any other fragrance that may get in their way.  If you smell closely, the orange will still be there (or maybe it’s just the memory of it). After hours, when the intensity starts to lower and it seems like that’s how Fendi Palazzo will die, a distinct oriental vanilla with woods will build the finale, and that’s when you realise it couldn’t have been any other way.


Fendi perfume Palazzo for women won’t waste your time, and will reveal itself for what it is. It’ not for an everyday use, and you’d need to at least be over 30 to wear it appropriately, but from 40 onwards it would be better. And please, pretty please, don’t wear it in an office, unless you go there wearing a fur.