Fahrenheit by Christian Dior Review: Can Gasoline Smell Sexy?

Fahrenheit Perfume

Fahrenheit Cologne For Men

Yes, oh yes it can.


Fahreheit is my signature perfume, the one I wear on rainy days, and it’s just perversely good with the smell of gasoline that stays in the car for a couple of minutes after I leave the petrol station.


Citrus notes (mainly orange) won’t be able to tame the cloud of gasoline and dirty smoked leather of the opening. The dirtiness however is only apparent, and the effect is actually quite smooth. There’s more to this Fahrenheit Dior perfume for men, but its evolution is very slow.


After a couple of hours, the inflammable stuff has blended with violet and sandalwood, but the result is still powerful and peculiar. Imagine an old dresser that has just been polished with a petroleum-based solvent, yet crafted in a way that makes you want to stay there and smell it.


As the intensity fades, the florals can finally play at the same level with the more masculine side, leading to an oriental, spicy and sweet finale.


And age-wise: under 30, keep off, Fahrenheit parfum is too dense, too smoked, too earth (no wind) and fire for younger ages. You don’t have to ride a Harley Davidson to wear this Fahrenheit Fragrance. Indeed a freshly-shaven and (at least a little) formal style will be just perfect, as it will create a kind of unsettling, asymmetric clean/dirty, good/bad, normal/wild type of image.