Emporio Armani Diamonds For Women: Is it fruity? Is it floral?

When you smell this for the first time you may have the same reaction that Phoebe has to saltwater taffies: what’s the deal? Is it fruity, is it floral? The two facets are so skilfully mixed together, that this question will not get a definite answer.


The top offers brief citrus notes, and then the perfume opens to rose and lily-of-the-valley. Although the bouquet is delicate and not overly intense, rose is a note that can bite if sprayed generously. Fruits will follow quickly though, blending with the florals. It is red fruits we are talking about here, but with little or no sourness and a controlled sweetness. To simplify, there is a vague strawberry bubble-gum feeling in Emporio Armani Diamonds perfume. The result however, is by no means a teenage fragrance, also because the fruity-floral core is wrapped in light green notes, which provide more complexity and depth.


This delicate balance between the delicacy of the florals, the smouldering power of rose and the soft sweetness of the fruits will be its main quality for the most part.  As it moves towards the base, Diamonds Emporio Armani becomes a tad sweeter, thanks to a note of vanilla.  The fragrance  however will keep the balanced structure it has showed so far, and light amber will prevent it from having the usual all-vanilla finale of other fragrances in the same category.


Among many perfumes that claim to be upbeat and uplifting, the simplicity of Armani Emporio Diamonds with a transparent name and a transparent bottle (diamond-shaped, of course), is the real thing. If you like sparkling, happy fragrances, with an edible quality, this is the one for you. Regardless of your age: more than ever, with this Diamonds for women, it’s the spirit that counts.


Giorgio Armani Diamonds Perfume Review

Giorgio Armani Diamonds Perfume Review