Chance Eau De Toilette For Women By Chanel: The Less Famous Sister

Eau De Toilette Chance De Chanel Review

Eau De Toilette Chance De Chanel Review

Let’s say you’re looking for a low-tone fragrance to wear during your daily activities. You don’t dislike florals, but you don’t like them too powerful. At the same time, you want something simple but not completely linear, and maybe with some hidden complexity.


Well, look no more  because that’s what the EdT version of Chanel Chance is about. It’s one of the three flankers of the original Eau de Parfum, with Tendre, and Fraiche) and it’s least mentioned (heck, it ‘s not even included in the Fragrantica database!), but it would really deserve more attention.


The structure is indeed simple: it’s citrus and floral in the first part and then mainly floral, but it has the gift of delicate vagueness and also a subtle complexity, which comes out as a wrap of light sweetness, and in the form of a soft occasional aromatic note, like of anise, basil or licorice.


This aromatic facet is probably a twist of the florals, as they seem to follow the wave of their intensity and mix well with the woods of the dry down.


Here you find a Chanel Chance EdT vs EdP comparison