Dolce And Gabbana Pour Homme Eau De Toilette: Lemon Scented Conditioner *

Dolce Gabbana Pour Homme opens with a quite fragrant lemon, which makes it very Mediterranean right off the box, but then it follows the same fate of Hugo Boss Bottled Night: there is some good will in the formula with herbs and woods, but they end up buried under a hefty dose of detergent smell.


Although it won’t go all the way into a swamp of dihydromyrcenol, lemon will lose its virginity and start to smell a tad chemical and sweet (it reminds of those lemon-flavored sodas). It’s like the perfume wanted to say: relax dude, I’m masculine. Fortunately enough, there are florals in the background doing some damage control, and also, later in its development, woods.


As it evolves, the clean laundry subsides a little and (to paraphrase Joe Jackson) the world is unisex again. At least until the dry down, when this Dolce and Gabbana Perfume for men will improve: the clean soapy side (check this Armani Eau Pour Homme review for something similar) steps back even further, allowing the mix of lemon, herbs and woods to say something more interesting.


Another reason to cut this Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme Eau De Toilette some slack is that it’s from 1997, so all things considered there has (had) an upstanding amount of sophistication.


BTW, unhappy choice of the color for this perfume, my dear Domenico and Stefano, I guess you wanted to recall the color of lemon, but that shade of yellow is a bit dodgy…


D&G Pour Homme Review

D&G Pour Homme Review