D&G The One For Men Sport Brings All The Boys To The Yard

Dolce And Gabbana The One Sport For Men ReviewPerfumes like D&G The One Sport make me wonder: do they know (“they” being the perfumer and the fashion house that commissioned the juice) that they created a perfume for men that smells like many, many others before? Of course they do.


So why did they do that? I’m not disagreeing with the logic of selling as many as possible, it would be stupid. So I guess they must have reached the conclusion that creating a copycat of a truckload of previous perfumes would guarantee more sales and profit, as opposed to one that dares to be – at least – a bit different.


And here more interesting questions would come up about people’s taste and so on, but it would sound even more like a perfume snob, my-taste-in-perfumes-is-bettter-than-yours-I-can-teach-you-but-I-have-to-charge type of rant. Maybe I’m becoming one of them, in spite of my best efforts. But would it be a bad thing if I was?


Oh, sure, and what about the perfume? You might feel some aromatic notes here and there, but they’re buried under a sea of spicy and clean conformity, so good luck with that.


So, girl, yes, you who are thinking of getting this for your boyfriend because it smells good, and can be worn after the gym or in any other occasion. It’s true: The One Sport cologne by Dolce & Gabbana for men is all that, but it’s also exactly like many others out there. Is it the same with your guy?