Dolce And Gabbana The One Perfume Review: A Floral Dressed To Kill

Whenever a perfume-related conversation happens, Dolce&Gabbana The One often comes up as “really good.” So it was about time to sample it to find out why so many women like it. And I think I know now.


The opening is like watching a 15-second trailer of an action movie:  you get a lot of the stuff you’ll get later, and very quickly. Dense white florals, more delicate ones, a fresh, almost citrus side, vague sweet notes, and also vague spices.


And then, the real D&G The One Perfume movie begins with rose, and it’s either the real thing, or a product of other florals like lily and jasmine. It’s not the naked rose of Stella McCartney’s Stella, or Parisienne a l’Extreme: the typical vinyl taste is very controlled, and the flower is thinly dressed with dense sourness. It seems to walk a fine line between soapy and and musky-dirty, and I guess it might lean more towards one or the other on your skin. On the blotter for example, it came out (and remained for hours with no falter) as a pure delicate floral. On the skin on the other hand, it was quite musky, and similar to Narciso Rodriguez For Her.


For the most part of the heart notes on the skin, The One D&G For Women will keep changing expression, with also candy and clean notes alongside white florals and musk. And maybe some green notes as well… As it moves towards the dry down, it becomes almost gourmand, with dark and warm sweet notes. It’s the prelude of the soft vanilla for an oriental end.


And that’s how The One Fragrance goes to bed. Easy to see why it’s so popular: it will be at ease in any single occasion and it’s all notes are simply perfect.


D&G The One Perfume For Women Review

D&G The One Perfume For Women Review