Diesel Fuel For Life Men Review: Best Use Of Anise After Sambuca

Diesel parfum Fuel For Life Men

Diesel Fuel For Life Pour Homme Review

“Use with caution” says the bottle, I would say use it freely. Gotta love the opening of this Diesel for men: rather than fresh, it’s quite cold in the nose, with an interesting combination of grapefruit + anise, the latter being a bit shy and coming out after a couple of minutes.


In the middle phase the chilled note disappears and there is a beginning of a sweet fruity tone with lavender. However, anise is still there, marking this perfume for two thirds of its evolution. It reminds me of Bvgari Homme Soir, except that in that case the note standing out would be Darjeeling tea, and in Fuel For Life Diesel perfume anise is easier to like.


As expected, the fragrance starts fresh and ends warm. Just like a settled down guy with still a sparkle that gives away an active and somehow crazy youth, the note of anise will still be there in the end – footprint of a remarkable start – but no longer enhanced by grapefruit, rather transformed and made less evident and more mature by woods.


Indeed, the perfume is also sort of sweet at this point, with a combination of heliotrope (which normally is powdery and sweet, or so I read) and musk.  There is a certain similarity with Black XS or One Million by Paco Rabanne, although this comes at the very end, when parfum Diesel Fuel For Life is way less intense.


You can be in your twenties or in your forties for this perfume for men. It’s great for an office, but maybe not for a daily use, better when you’re planing to go somewhere straight after work. If you want the hei-baby-I’m-here type of effect, you should choose the two hormones powerhouses above.