Diesel Fuel For Life Women Review: It’s Not That I Didn’t Try

Diesel Fuel For Life Woman

Diesel Fuel For Life for Women

I gave this perfume not one, not two, but three chances, but I didn’t like it. It’s not too bad at start, it even showed a trace of the anise of Fuel For Life for Men. When the heart notes kick in, jasmine wears light jumper of sweet notes.  But then it’s a pity how Fuel For Life Diesel evolves:  there is supposed to be blackcurrant mixed with the floral notes, and it’s as if they went sour after being left out of the fridge for too long. And the addition of the dirtiness and earthiness of patchouli in this case won’t help.


I’m afraid this scent, although it won’t shout out super-loud like Angel or Opium, will nonetheless cause a love/hate reaction. Maybe, maybe you have a skin that is able to restrain all that, but if you’re looking for a fresh floral, there is a serious risk that this one may smell really, really bad on your skin. 


There is really one moment when it all comes together and the perfume improves considerably, but it’s in the very end, when that sour side finally subsides, and Fuel For Life For Femme becomes a nice floral. It was the day after on my blotter however, so it’s at least several hours on the skin.