Davidoff Echo Woman Review: From Boozy To Dirty

If you decided to wear Davidoff Echo for women in the office, don’t be surprised if your manager calls you in a room to remind you that you’re not supposed to drink while at work. Be ready to explain that it’s your perfume that smells boozy, like of vodka, but also that floral and musk notes will soon join in.  At that point you may smell of body odour, but at least you won’t be infringing any company policy.


However, don’t be misled by all that:  Echo Davidoff for women is a good one, so let’s start from the beginning, whatever the beginning is… The boozy start is more on the blotter, whereas on my skin it gets down to business upfront with floral stuff, wrapped in a warm layer that is a bit body odor, a bit vinyl, but also powdery and spicy. Depending on how strong the spices feel on you (they were more active on the first try), you may also get a light and powdery smell of “old.” 


Although what’s on the blotter may get you fired, the transition is slower and nicer than the one on the skin: from a rose grappa (although that should be peony) to a bright and dense floral phase. The dry down of Echo Davidoff for women will be the same for both: warm with musk and slightly sweet notes. A very nice one indeed.


I’m still confused about Davidoff Echo fragrance. I’m used to differences between blotter and skin, but in this case it was all too disjointed, like a cubist painting. Anyway, from boozy to dirty: probably not the woman I’d take out on a date, but maybe the perfume I’d wear if I were one.



Echo For Women By Davidoff Review

Echo For Women By Davidoff Review